Aura Cleansing Mystical Mist
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Aura Cleansing Mystical Mist

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Because your aura is constantly interacting with different energies throughout the day, it’s recommended that you regularly cleanse your aura. The Aura Cleansing Mystical Mist is an easy way to release negative energies and detach your aura from physical matter. The Aura Cleansing Mystical Mist helps uplift your aura and allows you to be in a more positive mindset. This mystical mist is also best when used after an aura cleansing bath or spiritual cleansing.


Spray this on your body every morning and night for best results. If you’ve taken an aura cleansing bath, you may also spray this on your body to enhance its effects. It is also beneficial to use this spray before meditating or performing a spiritual healing ritual.

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