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Azurite Tumbled Stone
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Azurite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Psychic abilities, intuition, concentration, intellect, grounding, emotional balance

Azurite was beloved by many ancient peoples--from the Egyptians to the early Chinese to even the Mayans--and was believed to hold potent abilities to enhance one’s psychic connect to both the physical and spiritual realms. Azurite helps stimulate the intellectual, intuition, and memory, acting as a powerful all-around mental stimulator. It is known for cleansing and activating the Third Eye chakra, but it also helps channel the Throat chakra so that you can verbally express the insight you gain from past life recall or your dreams. Azurite also acts as a grounding stone that helps restore emotional balance and clear away tension or confusion. When used during meditation, it allows your mind to be more receptive to new perspectives and have a willingness to be more flexible about the future and your relation to celestial powers. 

Other uses:

  • Great study aid, helps you concentrate and retain information
  • Dispels arrogance and conceit, helps you become more receptive to helping energies
  • Restores emotional balance and tames reaction to negative influences
  • you will receive 1 stone

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