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Green Tourmaline Raw

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GREAT FOR: Healing, spirituality, the heart, positive masculine energy, success

Green tourmaline is an excellent stone for those looking to heal their heart chakras or even their physical heart. Known for giving people energy, stamina, and confidence, green tourmaline exhibits the masculine qualities of heart chakra energy and acts as the compliment to pink tourmaline, which carries feminine energies. Those trying to repair or nurture relationships with a strong male figure in their lives may also benefit from green tourmaline's healing abilities. This stone can be a great meditation aid as it allows the person to connect with nature and all living things that grow, which also brings calmness and creativity. Green tourmaline invites stimulating spirit energies, which allow for opportunities for success, good luck, prosperity, and good athletic skill.

Other uses:

  • Treats motion sickness 
  • Increases opportunities to receive second income from hobbies or side careers
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy using heart chakra

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