I really enjoy all of the products I purchased from you guys!! Thank You


Their service is great, fast shipping, answers any questions you may have in less than 24 hours, and their products are unique with great results. I have been buying from this company for over a year now and I do not have any negative feedback about them. When I ran into this company I was skeptical about their, but I still decided to make a purchase and I am glad I did. Tell this day I am still buying from them and my friends as well. Thank You for your service.

Lizzy, ana

Wow, Ever time I place an order from them, I am always left speechless with the results. There oils and mystical mist are to die for. All their oils, perfume, mystical mist, baths etc have a different fragrance. I will be continuing to shop here and do recommend this store to everyone.

Debra, ana

I love this shop!!! I have placed a few orders with them and I can not complain at all. I have always been pleased with all my orders. Their customer service is fantastic and their shipping is fast.

Kathy S

I've been purchasing from you for a few months now and every product I've ordered works as described . Thank you for giving me great experiences with your online store.

Sam L

I want to thank you for these amazing products they have been helping me.

Omar W

I just received my order and I am very pleased with it. Fast shipping!!! 


I am so grateful that you followed me!! I've been through your whole website and nothing displeased me. This sounds too good to be true, the funny thing is just the other day I was thinking to myself why can't someone make a lipbalm or perfume that will attract things to the user, lip balm for kisses or as you've put "desire me" and perfume for money and poof just like that "botanicaluckyhouse'!! NY dream/thought came true!. I'm very excited. Feel like ordering everything you have in the house


Hi, I received my orders yesterday and I'm very happy with the packaging, the different colours make it easy to know what's what. I don't if its working yet but I started using the aura spray, used it twice Now and it makes me feel so happy I think is the word, I can't describe it but instead of me worrying, and feeling down every morning, today I woke up early and felt like I had got so much sleep even tho I usually sleep in. All in all I believe I will attract happiness and success with your help. Thank you 


Waooo....Let me say a big THANKS...Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you very much sir,am really happy to let you know that I received my above order this evening,it came well package,thanks alot also i saw a small bottle of Millionaire oil along side with my order,am grateful for the marvelous and big gift from your organization, your company will continue to move forward in the mighty name of God.


Hi there, just letting you know that I have received my orders and I'm very happy with everything. I love the "love magnet" oil smells amazing and it works.


You guys are lovely thank you for being part of this life changing experience that I will go through, everything I owe back to you and what you believe in. How do I pay you can for shipping?I believe that way you guys bless the items in pure, and no harms way, kinda way like just good intentions and no bad karma?