Amethyst Tree Plant
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Amethyst Tree Plant

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Amethyst is a protective stone highly regarded for its ability to balance one’s emotions and enhance spiritual awareness. Emotionally, amethyst is known for being calming, soothing, and healing. It helps people relieve stress, dispel anger and other negative emotions, and balance mood swings. It’s also known to enhance memory and motivation, and it serves as an excellent meditation aid. It guards against psychic attacks and dispels negative energy by dissolving those energies completely. Its name suggests amethyst helps people become soberer since “amethyst” means “not drunk” in Ancient Greek, which is based on a mythological story. Amethyst protects herself from Bacchus by being turned into crystal quartz, and when Bacchus becomes remorseful, he pours wine as an offering over Amethyst (thus giving the crystal it's purple coloring), who returns to human form unaffected by intoxication.

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