Anaisa Anaisa Mystical Mist
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Anaisa Anaisa Mystical Mist

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The Anaisa Anaisa Mystical Mist channels in the properties of Anaisa, the lua spirit attributed with love, money, and overall happiness. Known for her ability to cause weakness in men, Anaisa is an extremely playful flirt who loves getting her way and being adored by everyone. Using the Anaisa Anaisa Mystical Mist lets you capture her essence and bring in opportunities for new love and fortune in your life. Embrace her charm, wit, and cunning and watch how your attitude perks up when you’re around people!


Spray this on your body every morning and night for best results. You may use this spray before going on dates or when meeting a person of interest. Spray love items or articles of clothing to enhance your attraction levels. This Mystical Mist is 100 % original, pure and powered by Anaisa.

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