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Botswana Agate Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Comforting, protective, meditation, energy balance, stability, security

Botswana agate gets its name for the region it’s mined in: Botswana--South Africa. It is an incredibly comforting stone that nurtures the emotions of people who are very sensitive, grieving, or feeling lonely. Botswana agate aims to soothe and protect people’s emotional energies, but it also encourages people to gain the strength to look for solutions to problems/challenges in their lives rather than dwell on them. As such, it can be a great meditation aid to help one get recentered or find a desire to explore unknown paths with a logical, sound mind. Botswana agate can also help people release repressed emotions so that they can gain better stability, composure, and overall maturity in their lives, which also contributes to building greater confidence and self-security. 

Other uses:

  • If you find a botswana agate with an “eye” formation on it, it’s considered highly protective and lucky!
  • Great supporter for people who are trying to quit smoking
  • Comforts sensitive children and teens who are easily pressured/teased by their peers by guiding them toward like-minded friends

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