Charoite Tumbled Stone
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Charoite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Transformation, healing, stress relief, acceptance, energy balance, courage

Charoite is known as the “stone of transformation,” and is used as a healing stone to help encourage people to change their lives or energy in a positive way. Also used for aura cleansing and chakra balance, charoite helps to heal negative energy or thoughts by giving people courage and motivation to take small steps toward a better future. Charoite also comforts people and can be used as a way to accept the past (or oneself) and let it go. This nurturing stone reenergizes people and helps them overcome their own fears or obstacles they need to face. It also helps to relieve stress and awaken people’s ability to analyze and observe problems more keenly. Those who feel lonely or alienated may also find comfort in charoite.  

Other uses:

  • Helps improve sleep or overcome insomnia, including dispeling nightmares
  • Gives people courage to start over after adversity (e.g. job loss, prison, serious injury)
  • Supports people who take of the elderly, sick, or people with special needs, including adopted children with behavioral problems

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