Clear Calcite
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Clear Calcite

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GREAT FOR: Energizing, grounding, stabilizing, protection, recentering, energy cleansing, mental stimulation

Clear calcite is a great energizing stone, as it helps to increase or amplify positive energy in the room. Also used as a cleanser, clear calcite cleanses negative energy that has been stored up in blockages in your aura or chakras and it cleanses negative energy from the surrounding environment. On a mental level, clear calcite acts as a protective, grounding stone that helps reduce fear, stress, and procrastination. It stimulates the intellect and insight while also boosting memory, which is why clear calcite is often used as a study aid or as a way to promote more creativity and imagination. Its grounding properties also helps people find inner peace, both within themselves and their relationships. 

Other uses:

  • Used for distance healing
  • Combats laziness by giving boosts of energy
  • Great study aid and amplifies learning abilities

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