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GREAT FOR: Energy amplification, good luck, intuition and psychic abilities, emotional awareness, energy balance

Copper is known for being a great energy conductor. It has the ability to enhance the spiritual properties of other crystals when placed near it and also creates a harmonic connection between people’s physical and astral bodies. Copper, in general, aims to restore balance in every kind of energy, including physical and emotional energy. It prevents lethargy, restlessness, hyperactivity, and passivity while also promoting optimism, independence, and diplomacy. Always striving for positive energy, copper allows people to reignite their vitality, sexuality, and innovation. It helps people accept their true emotions and themselves and whole spiritual beings. There’s also a reason why copper pennies are signs of good luck, as this metal is a symbol for opportunities for prosperity, good fortune, and overall goodness in one’s life!

Other uses:

  • Helps release excess feelings of anger and resentment
  • Activates and opens the Root and Sacral chakras
  • Amplifies thoughts, especially during psychic communication


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