Eye- Agate Tumbled Stone
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Eye- Agate Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Protection, follow through, accomplishment, public speaking, self-confidence, breaking bad habits

Eye Agates form when silica precipitates in a rock cavity, which can exist in fractures in rock layers, fossils, or lava flow. Because of its resemblance to eyeballs, these agates are believed to carry spiritual significance, such as awakening the Third Eye or protecting oneself from the Evil Eye and other curses, hexes, and psychic attacks. However, its real protection is much more internal in how it gently uplifts one’s confidence and self-esteem. Eye agate encourages people to not be afraid to speak their mind, especially when standing up to strangers or enemies. It has been used to help people with public speaking, following through with their goals, and manifesting their dreams. Eye agates help people break bad habits and overcome obstacles, including emotional drawbacks such as bitterness and resentment.  

Other uses:

  • Restores yin and yang energy balance
  • Brings prophetic dreams if used during sleep, especially of upcoming issues
  • Increases sensitivity and awareness of the supernatural

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