Garnet in Matrix
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Garnet in Matrix

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GREAT FOR: Love, sensuality, courage, revitalization, chakra cleansing, emotional protection

A matrix occurs when a crystal embeds itself into or emerges from rock. These pieces feature garnet gemstones embedded into rock, but ultimately they hold all the same properties of garnet. Garnet is a stone that inspires intense emotions, noted for its ability to enhance feelings of love, attraction, courage, and passion. The emotional intensity of garnet also serves to help people, allowing people to let go of melancholy, depression, disharmony, or outdated thought patterns that negatively affect them. With garnet being embedded into rock, one may also receive a grounding aspect to these intense emotions, feeling them at a rational level while also motivating people’s survival instinct to act with more confidence. 

Other uses:

  • Helps you let go of inner inhibitions and taboos
  • Enhances creative energy and helps you think out of the box
  • Considered a lucky stone for love, success, and business relationships

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