Garnet Schist Raw
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Garnet Schist Raw

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GREAT FOR: Self-esteem, vitality, repel negative energy, business, commitment

Garnet schist is a gem fusion, which has garnet embedded in metamorphic rock (schist, often with mica minerals included as well), which changes along its matrix. Because of its natural metamorphosis, schist is said to help break ingrained habits or old ways of thinking, allowing for the healing properties of garnet to come in, which include raising self-esteem and adapting well to change. Garnet is a great crystal for business owners, as it encourages success and mutable approaches to building an empire. It also helps repel negative energy from both the body and the aura, replacing them with the body’s natural energies and restoring one’s vitality. Garnet schist is a stone about long-lasting commitment that adapts to conflict with courage and self-security.

Other uses:

  • Stimulates Root chakra
  • Encourages long-lasting relationships
  • Strengthens friendships to be more consistent

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