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Green Zebra Jasper Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Determination, follow through, financial responsibility, motivation

Green Zebra Stone, also known as Silver Eye Serpentine or Chrysotile, is a gemstone that helps people become more motivated to follow through with their goals or plans for success. It helps people overcome apathy in their lives, especially if it’s a result of feeling too overwhelmed by their problems or finances in life. Green zebra stone allows people to receive the determination to assess their situation and find practical solutions to resolving their issues. People who are burdened by the thought of their financial responsibilities may use green zebra stone to balance their thoughts and regain mental clarity. Those prone to procrastination or prematurely giving up on their goals at the first obstacle may also use green zebra stone to give them the extra push to complete what they started and to do it with sincere effort. 

Other uses:

  • Chakra activator, particularly for Heart and Root chakras
  • Helps relieve sexual dysfunctions in men, such as low libido or ED
  • CAUTION: Contains asbestos. Not recommended to be handled for long periods of time or mixed with water/baths for consumption or bathing.

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