Healer's Gold Tumble Stone
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Healer's Gold Tumble Stone

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GREAT FOR: Healing sessions, energy balance, confidence, manifestation, energy boosts, protection

Healer’s gold is a gem fusion between pyrite and magnetite typically found in Arizona. Together, this combination has become reputed for being an excellent aid to spiritual healers, as this gemstone is said to boost both the energies of the healer and the receiver. Healing sessions can be long and exhausting, often draining the healer afterward, but when holding the healer’s gold as a protective amulet, healers may remain stable and balanced. Healer’s gold activates and harmonizes the body by drawing high-frequency energy toward it. It also encourages confidence, creativity, and manifestation, often strengthening a person’s will and inner security when going through life. Pyrite enhances mental stability while magnetite relieves burdens, and together they heal everyone.  

Other uses:

  • Provides protection from electromagnetic emissions
  • Controls indecision and encourages clearer, confident decision-making
  • Used to overcome infertility in men and women

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