Honey Love Mystical Mist
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Honey Love Mystical Mist

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The Honey Love Mystical Mist was inspired by the sweet nectar of flowers and the tenacious loving work of bees in our environment. This exquisitely soft fragrance brings the utmost pleasure and blessings by the Archangel Raphael. This product was created to help improve your relationship with your children, partners, relatives, friends and difficult conquests. The Honey Love Mystical Mist encourages deeper communication between two people, whether to enhance their emotional bond or reach forgiveness. This mystical spray can help sweeten people’s love for one another and can bring a playful intimacy between couples.


Spray this on your body every morning and night for best results. You may use this spray before going on dates or when meeting a person of interest. Spray love/family items or articles of clothing to enhance intimacy and communication between you and another person.

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