K2 Tumbled Stone
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K2 Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Meditation, psychic abilities, Third Eye chakra, emotional balance, harmony

Also known as the K-2 Jasper, the K2 Stone is not a jasper at all but is actually granite stone that contains deposits of azurite (or sometimes malachite). It is retrieved from the point of Mount K2 in Pakistan, which is the second world’s largest mountain and which is why this stone is considered rare. K2 stone combines the grounding, strength-providing properties of granite with the celestial powers of azurite. People who work as mediums, psychics, or spiritual workers may find K2 as a useful tool for clearly interpreting messages/information from the spiritual realm or spirit guides. It also enhances spiritual journeying and soul retrieval. For others, it enhances intuitions and stabilizes one’s emotions so that a sense of harmony can be achieved. K2 encourages harmony in all forms, be it in communication, among groups, or for personal fulfillment. 

Other uses:

  • Awakens Third Eye chakra and helps you connect with higher self
  • Great tool for those who work with Indigo children
  • Said to be able to grant access to Akashic Records

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