Lavender Buds
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Lavender Buds

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USED FOR: Relaxation, meditation, better sleep, love, reducing stress

Lavender Buds

Lavender’s natural sedative qualities have made it a staple in both holistic medicine and spiritual work. For centuries, lavender has been used to help people relax, reduce stress, or go to sleep better, sprinkled into baths, or mixed with lotions and perfumes. People who have been feeling spiritually imbalanced may also use lavender to help ground them or as a meditation aid to inviting more calming aromas. 

How to Use Lavender Buds

Pour lavender buds into the bath with spiritual oils and other herbs that promote relaxation and healing, such as rosemary and juniper.  Place inside mojo bag and carry it with you. Place in a headwrap and wear around the head when going to bed. Mix with lotions or perfumes and wear twice daily. Sprinkle around meditation or prayer space. 

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