Lodestone Tumbled Stone
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Lodestone Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Manifestation, grounding, aura balance, chakra balance, intuition, mental clarity, decision-making

Lodestone, also referred to as Magnetite, is a naturally magnetic iron ore of the Spinel variety that is considered to be the most magnetic stone in nature. Due to its magnetism, it is believed to be a powerful manifestation tool, able to attract anything that you desire, be it a person or a personal achievement you wish to see come true. It helps to invite experiences and opportunities that can further your personal growth and that are necessary for your success, but it can also help you release negativity in your life as well. It promotes mental clarity, better decision-making, and detailed focus on your work while also enhancing your intuition so that you feel more confident about your influence from divine sources. Ultimately, lodestone helps you achieve emotional balance and even balances your aura, allowing you to manifest to your greatest potential. 

Other uses:

  • Helps to realign meridians and chakras
  • Stimulates Root chakra and lets you feel more grounded
  • Nicknamed the “lovestone” because it also attracts love and good luck

Size: Small

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