Myrrh Floor Wash

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USE THIS FOR: Protection, purification, dispelling negative energy

Myrrh has been used in spiritual work for centuries and is referenced in several religious texts. It is normally seen as a resin or incense, but it can also be extracted into oil or turned into a spiritual bath. The Myrrh Floor Wash is a spiritual cleanser meant to help cleanse your home, furniture, altars, or prayer spaces of evil energies or negative influences. Known for its purification abilities, myrrh has been used as a prayer aid to help people cleanse their aura and spirit so that they can welcome positive energy, blessings, and protection. In fact, myrrh is said to go beyond protecting the spirit in the physical realm but may also protect the soul as its transitions into the afterlife in the spiritual realm. Those who feel like their homes are already being negatively affected may also use the Myrrh Floor Wash to dispel the negative energy or to break any hexes/curses blocking people from living peacefully. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pour half of the bottle’s contents into a gallon of water, then mix. Use a mop and/or sponge to clean floors, walls, and furniture of your home, starting from the back of the house and finishing at the front. Repeat if desired. It is recommended to leave the front door and windows open during the cleaning process. Up to two-floor washes.