Rose Bath
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Rose Bath

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USE THIS TO: Attract love, uplift your aura, invite commitment or reconciliation

Roses are used very often in spiritual work, but they are most powerful for attracting love, commitment, and reconciliation. Use the Rose bath when you want to draw more love opportunities toward you, especially if you have someone specific in mind. This mystical bath uplifts your aura with positive energy that makes you more attractive and desirable to potential partners, who may feel more inclined to begin or commit to a relationship with you. People who have recently argued with a loved one may also soak in the Rose bath to encourage reconciliation and open communication. 

CONTAINS: Flowers and fresh plants, essential oils, and distilled water. Natural product.


Use after regular bathing. Fill bath tub or bucket with warm water. Pour contents into water. If taking a bath, soak in water for at least 9 minutes. Otherwise, use ladel or cup to pour bath over entire body. Do NOT rinse after bath. Let body air dry as much as possible, though you may use a towel to pat dry your face.

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