Tangerine Aura Quartz Tumbled Stone
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Tangerine Aura Quartz Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Emotional healing, trauma, self-acceptance, personal growth and understanding, strength, joy, passion

Tangerine quartz occurs when clear quartz gets stained by iron oxide, which is typically done when hematite rusts from contact with water. Most tangerine quartz can be found in Brazil or Madagascar and range in color from light yellow to deep red orange. This crystal is often associated with the Sacral chakra, but particularly in regards to healing past traumas (especially physical or emotional). It brings the joy of our inner child back to our hearts to encourage creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm for life, but it also brings emotional healing so we can let go of the past and embrace a better future. Tangerine quartz shields people from self-sabotaging, harmful thoughts and instead encourages people to release any blame or shame they feel. For many, this crystal helps people achieve self-acceptance and strength so they can evaluate their own limitations and overcome them. 

Other uses:

  • Stimulates and heals the Sacral chakra
  • Helps people heal from psychic attacks
  • Enhances passion in all areas, such as in the creative expression, sexual experiences, and life goals

You will receive 1 Rose Quartz Tangerine Aura

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