Spiritual Energy Candle
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Spiritual Energy Candle

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GREAT FOR: Spiritual rejuvenation, creativity, ambition, career goals

The Spiritual Energy candle gives people get rejuvenated and gain more strength. This spiritual candle was crafted to provide people enough incentive to reassess their goals and approach them with more ambition, understanding, and mental clarity. It’s natural to run into mental blocks, creatively or spiritually, where it can be hard to think of different ways to approach our problems, begin new chapters/projects, or even just see the joy in life. The Spiritual Energy candle helps people become more creative, determined, and willing to adapt to new challenges and setbacks, as it invites positive energies that help us bring about positive change. Use this candle when you feel spiritually unbalanced or even just creatively uninspired. This candle can also benefit people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and stress.

PAIR IT WITH: THis candle can have its properties enhanced by the Spiritual Energy oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick.

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