Unakite Chip Bracelet
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Unakite Chip Bracelet

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Unakite jasper is a gem fusion between red jasper and epidote, thus making it a great healing stone for both the heart and the mind. Red jasper’s innate grounding qualities meshes well with epidote’s nurturing energies toward the Heart chakra, and together as unakite jasper, this gemstone allows people to release deep-rooted negative emotions and behaviors that is holding them back from reaching their full potential. This includes releasing addictions, toxic ways of thinking, psychological triggers, and overwhelming emotions. Unakite jasper promotes peace and persistence, always trying to support people who feel lost, depressed, or worried about their place in life. Beyond these attributes, unakite jasper also acts as a powerful fertility stone and helps pregnant mothers form a spiritual bond with their unborn child. It is also believed to ease the transition of child labor.

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