5 Finger Grass
5 Finger Grass
5 Finger Grass
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5 Finger Grass

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USED FOR: Good luck, money, love, protection, asking for favors

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Weight: .5 oz

Five Finger Grass goes by a few other names (Cinquefoil, Silverweed, and Potentilla anserina) but is referred to as “five-finger grass” for its unique leaf pattern, which stretches out into five leaves and looks like the fingers of a hand. For this reason, it’s said the grass contains protective spiritual properties and also lends a “helping hand” for people to receive more money, love, and good fortune. This herb also came into popularity because of John George Hohman, who is quoted in The Long Lost Friend as saying, “If you call upon another to ask for a favor, take care to carry a little of five-finger grass with you, and you shall certainly obtain that you desired.” As such, people have carried this herb to have favors granted by others.


Carry some five finger grass in a mojo bag with a rabbit’s foot or alligator foot and Lucky Hand Root when trying to receive good luck, gain money, or ask someone for a favor. Keep some grass in your wallet to encourage abundance. Place behind a mirror and then place a mirror opposite the front door to protect you from threatening persons. Dress love letters or bathe undergarments of a loved one in a bath with five finger grass to sweeten their feelings for you.

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