Andalusite Tumbled Stone
Andalusite Tumbled Stone
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Andalusite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Focus, ambition, grounding, protection, self-realization, personal growth

Andalusite is a gem fusion between Kyanite and Sillimanite and typically forms as an aluminum silicate mineral in metamorphic rock. If you’ve been feeling lost in life, allow andalusite to help you find your path again. This gemstone helps people focus on their goals or discover what their true desires and ambitions are, including the difference between knowing what is their life passion and what they enjoy as a pastime. Andalusite sheds light on your internal issues that you can do the work to resolve any mental barriers keeping you from achieving your goals. It helps to recenter and ground your energy that you can feel more happiness in life and follow your dreams. Its ability to shift colors depending on which angle you see it from also symbolizes how grounded you must be during life changes, to adapt gracefully and stay true to your individuality. It offers life balance and helps you relieve stress and anxiety. 

Other uses:

  • Blocks negative energy and protects you from Evil Eye
  • Helps you see someone’s true character through an objective eye
  • Reveals your strength and weaknesses so you can improve
  • you will receive 1 stone

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