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Angelite Tumbled Stone
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Angelite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Psychic communication, peace and tranquility, dispelling negative emotions, forgiveness, emotional release

Angelite is a variety of Anhydrite, which means when placed in water, it converts into Gypsum. As such, it is not recommended to be mixed or cleaned with water. This crystal is referred to as “angelite” because of its unique ability to enhance people’s communication with the angelic realm. People who are highly intuitive or have the psychic ability to listen to their spirit guides may use angelite to raise their state of consciousness and reach a higher sense of self. However, you don’t need to be gifted to appreciate angelite. Those who are trying to heal emotional pains and regrets or who need support in finding peace and tranquility may use angelite to get divine comfort. Angelite helps dispel negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, and stress--and instead tries to promote compassion, personal transformation, and healthy self-expression.

Other uses:

  • Activates Throat chakra and enhances psychic communication
  • Helps alleviate emotional pain from grief
  • NOTE: Converts into Gypsum when immersed in water. Not recommended for showering/bathing.

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