Archangel Michael ( Saint Michael )  Bath
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Archangel Michael ( Saint Michael ) Bath

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USE THIS TO: Protect yourself from evil, gain strength, become resilient against hardship

When you want stronger protection from Saint Michael, use the Michael the Archangel bath to invite his spiritual influence. Archangel Michael is known for protecting people from evil and giving them strength during times of crisis and turmoil. He is the angel associated most with fighting for righteous truth, justice, and integrity, as he is always encouraging people to lean toward good values and for what is right. Saint Michael is regarded as the strongest angel in God’s army and may be intimidating to some, but he has a compassionate nature and is always willing to listen to people seeking redemption or inner strength. The Michael the Archangel bath helps people struggling with hardship by giving them spiritual guidance and the strength to make the right decision even when it seems impossible.


Use after regular bathing. Fill the bath tub or bucket with warm water. Pour contents into water. If taking a bath, soak in water for at least 9 minutes. Otherwise, use ladel or cup to pour bath over entire body. Do NOT rinse after bath. Let body air dry as much as possible, though you may use a towel to pat dry your face.

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