Black Kyanite Rough Stone
Black Kyanite Rough Stone
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Black Kyanite Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Chakra healing, aura healing, meditation, intuition, protection against negative energy, communication, negotiation

According to legend, it is said that the sword of Archangel Michael is made out of black kyanite, which is why the gemstone is often associated with protection against negative energy and a great promoter of truth and insight. Black kyanite is an all-healing stone, known for its abilities to repair holes or blockages in chakras and auras. It provides healing energies to our chakra system without ever retaining or accumulating negative energy in itself, which means black kyanite does not require any cleansing at all! People who want to enhance their intuition or psychic abilities may also use black kyanite to gain more insight, have better dream recollection, or restore other energies (e.g. yin and yang). It also helps people be more open to communication and work out differences in arguments, arbitration, or negotiations. It can help resolve conflicts or misunderstandings, getting to the truth of the matter. 

Other uses:

  • Provides grounding energies during chakra realignment
  • Helps clear your mind and invite tranquil energies during meditation
  • Helps break cycles of self-destructive behavior so you can restore balance

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