Brown Mustard Seeds
Brown Mustard Seeds
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Brown Mustard Seeds

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Brown Mustard Seeds (semillas de mostaza marrón)

Planet: Mars

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

USED FOR: Help with court cases, confusing enemies, protection, healing, digestion

Brown mustard seeds are commonly used in hoodoo rituals to confuse one’s enemy or boost their odds at winning court cases. In both cases, brown (or black) mustard seeds are said to bring confusion to enemies and the courtroom, which inevitably distracts them from bringing harm or negative influences toward you. It is a passive way to keep negative energies away from you, which is why it is also used to protect the home as well.  It is believed that brown mustard seeds is used to increase fertility in women. 

To confuse one’s enemy, sprinkle seeds at the enemy’s front door while walking backward and then sprinkle seeds on their front lawn. Carry seeds with you to court cases if trying to increase your chances of winning your case. Sprinkle seeds around the home and in front of your doorway to protect your home from evil energies.


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