Calamus Root (powder)
Calamus Root (powder)
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Calamus Root (powder)

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Calamus Root ( Raiz de Calamo )

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon 

Element: Water 

Use For: Luck, Money, Commanding, Healing, Love Magic, Controlling 

Calamus Root can be used to bring good luck, money attraction and to strengthen and bind spells. Because of its ability to ignite the energy between the root and solar plexus chakras, it has the ability to multiply manifestation power and prosperity.  it is a strong controlling herb adding power to any hexing, controlling or dominating spell. By placing Calamus Root in the four corners of the room it can attract wealth, control people and situations inside the space and repel poverty and negativity. 


For a Success Mojo Bag carry Calamus Root, High John the Conqueror and Bay Leaf to open the doors of opportunity and have the power to walk through them

Weight: .5 oz

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