Calendula Flowers  (Marigold) Herb
Calendula Flowers  (Marigold) Herb
Calendula Flowers  (Marigold) Herb
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Calendula Flowers (Marigold) Herb

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Calendula Flowers (Flores de Calendula) 

Gender: Masculine 

Planet: Sun 

Element: Fire 

Used For: Protection, Psychic, Spiritual Power, Dreams, Legal Matter, Prophetic 

Use calendula flowers in divination, prophecy, and dream magic, either burned at the altar or kept in a bag under the pillow. They help access the psychic powers, help in lucid dreaming, perceiving auras. strength to spells and enchantments. As a sun herb, it brings confidence and respect, especially if added to the bath before important meetings. Calendula can be used during New Moon spells and rituals to bring prosperity, luck, protection

Weight: .5oz 

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