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Desert Rose Selenite
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Desert Rose Selenite

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GREAT FOR: Protection, good luck, prosperity, connection and understanding, self-confidence, mental clarity

Desert rose selenite is a naturally-occurring selenite gypsum as a result of sand getting caught between selenite cluster formations. The result then becomes a cluster of beautiful white/tan roses! Desert rose selenite is regarded as a protective and lucky stone because it is believed to contain a spirit guardian and the energies between Father Sky and Mother Earth. It helps people invite positive energies into their life while repelling negatives ones. Those who want to invite more energies of financial success and luck with money may want desert rose selenite as part of their business ventures. This gemstone also brings luck to couples and helps them reach a deeper emotional connection and understanding. It can also boost your sense of self-worth and self-confidence, especially toward making decisions, pursuing your goals, and becoming a better person. 

Other uses:

  • Strong activator for the Third Eye and helps enhance clairvoyance
  • Enhances dreams and past life recollections
  • Associated with wood energy and should be placed in east/southeast part of room/home to invite prosperity and abundance

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