Dragon Stone Tumbled Stone
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Dragon Stone Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Chakra stimulation, emotional healing, self-development, manifestation

Dragon stone is a gem fusion of epidote and piemontite, which are known for amplifying energies and heart rejuvenation. A great tool for opening up the Heart chakra, dragon stone helps you reconnect yourself with how you truly feel so that you can express yourself wholeheartedly. It helps you eliminate scattered thoughts and disconnected emotions, allowing you to work on bettering yourself in line with your real emotions. Yet, though dragon stone encourages self-improvement, it is also known for attracting energies you put out into the world, which means it’s best to put aside when having a bad day. 

Other uses:

  • Stimulates Kunadalini energy
  • Activates Root and Sacral chakras
  • Powerful manifestation tool

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