Elestial Quartz Rough Stone
Elestial Quartz Rough Stone
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Elestial Quartz Rough Stone

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GREAT FOR: Spiritual connection/enhancement, positive energy, karma release, trauma release, meditation, personal growth

If you wondered if “elestial” relates to “celestial,” you’re correct! “El” as a prefix generally means “above,” but in many languages, it is associated with the Divine, the Heavens, God, and spirituality as a whole. Elestial quartz is a type of smoky quartz that is known for having incredibly high vibrational energy that allows people to connect with higher parts of the spiritual realm. Some people use it to make contact with angelic beings, but elestial quartz may be used to become attuned with surrounding spiritual energies in general. It is a healing stone that helps people address their past traumas or even karma from past lives so that they may release both from their energetic fields and stimulate their personal growth. These spiritual energies are said to come in waves, but when you use elestial quartz to receive them, you may be blessed with love and light from the spiritual realm all around us. 

Other uses:

  • Helps relieve sleeping issues and prevents nightmares
  • Good meditation aid that brings mental clarity
  • Encourages past life recollections and releasing karma

You will receive 1 stone

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