Exorcism Roll-On Oil
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Exorcism Roll-On Oil

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GREAT FOR: Exorcisms, dispelling negative or evil energies/spirits, breaking evil spellwork

The Exorcism oil is a spiritual oil that can help people get rid of negative energies attached to their spirit or inside their home. If you suspect that evil spirits or demons may be lurking in your home, use the Exorcism oil to help dispel them from your home or prevent them from entering. This spiritual oil can also be used to break evil spellwork or perform exorcisms, provided you hire a trained spiritual worker or exorcist. Do not attempt to perform these levels of spiritual work on your own, especially if you are emotionally connected to afflicted persons, as your spirit may be affected further. 

WAYS TO USE: Apply the oil directly to skin. Pour oil into a spiritual and/or cleansing bath. Anoint the oil onto candles before ritual.

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