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Prosperity, Abundance, Success, Good luck
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone
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Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Prosperity, good luck, mental stability, creativity, leadership

Aventurine is known for being the stone of prosperity and opportunity, as it brings good luck to people in all kinds of situations. This crystal helps enhance one’s leadership qualities, whether that means reinforcing decisiveness or motivating one to look at alternative solutions to problems. Aventurine encourages creativity and new perception, but it also insists on maintaining mental stability. When approaching new situations, one should be able to let go of old ways of thinking, toxic thought patterns/behaviors, and negative emotions. Instead, they should embrace optimism, compassion, and empathy. Aventurine promotes all of these qualities while also pointing you toward inevitable opportunity and spiritual wealth. 

Other uses:

  1. Balances masculine and feminine energies
  2. Activates Heart chakra and helps nurture/heal heart
  3. Helps people work through emotional pain or blockages

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