High John Root
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High John Root

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USED FOR: Good luck, prosperity, personal power, protection

The High John Root herb is very popular among African-American mystical folklore and hoodoo magick, typically used for its ability to increase a person’s power over others or their field and to gain good fortune. The High John Root derives its name from John the Conqueror, a trickster who was enslaved in America but whose wit prevented him from being subservient to anyone. As such, High John Root is said to help people overcome their obstacles and find creative ways to resolve their problems, thus gaining power over competition or enemies. The High John Root is also known for inviting prosperity and good luck in one’s life, whether in gambling or increasing financial income. This root may also be used as protection from negative influences or energies. 


Carry in a mojo bag and keep with you on the person for protection, good luck with money, and power. Drop-in a courtroom to influence the jury or judge to rule in your favor. Hold in your hand during meditation and prayer to receive better insight on how to approach your problems. Steep in anointing oil to bless candles during spiritual work. Soak in floor washes to clean homes for protection.  



1 oz 

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