Hyssop Herb
Hyssop Herb
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Hyssop Herb

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Hyssop Herb

Planet: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

USED FOR: Spiritual cleansing, protection, uncrossing/ unhexxing, healing

Hyssop is referenced in the Bible as being a spiritual cleanser, noted for its abilities to purify spirits and protect them from harm. It is often used as a Spiritual Purifying Agent to cleanse spiritual or purification spaces, but it can be used to protect homes/people from jinxes, hexes, and evil energies. Because of its purification abilities, hyssop is also used for healing and blessing purposes, mixed into spiritual baths. Other ways to use this herb is to put some hyssop in a pouch and carry with you on the person as a way to protect you from misfortune and to invite positive energy. 


 If using as a spiritual bath, mix with 1 gallon of water and use it to bathe the entire body. Take used bathwater and throw over the left shoulder of a crossroads at dawn while facing the sun, then walk back home without looking back. If used to clean home, mix with spiritual floor wash of choice and use to clean floors, furniture, and windows. Dispose of the used water in the same manner as the bathwater. 

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