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Mystic Merlinite
Indigo Gabbro Tumbled Stone
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Indigo Gabbro Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Intuition, insight, wisdom, self-development, meditation, psychic abilities, patience

Indigo Gabbro is nicknamed the “Merlinite” because of its reputation for containing a “wise soul” within it. This is a grounding stone that targets your intuition and deep-rooted issues, allowing you to address your dark side in relation to your Higher Self. Indigo gabbro helps you act with a higher purpose and helps you develop patience, focus, and raw honesty with yourself. It gives you the strength and courage you need to face your faults and/or repressed memories so that you can obtain the insight you need to further your personal growth. This can be a great aid during deep meditation, not just because of how it is unafraid to expose yourself to your authentic truths, but also because it allows you to engage with your intuition and receive clear messages from the spiritual realm. It helps you realize that what you may have desired in the past is not what you need for true harmony now. 

Other uses:

  • Used to create a bridge between the Root and Crown chakras
  • Favored among healers and psychics, especially for past life recall and spiritual communication
  • Helps attract clear messages during deep meditation and dream work
  • you will receive 1 stone

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