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Jade Massage Roller

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GREAT FOR: Good luck, wealth and prosperity, love, friendship, serenity, stability, calming

Jade has been used as a stone for prosperity, wealth, and stability for centuries, particularly by the Ancient Chinese. Known for bringing good luck, jade is more than a stone for good fortune but also one to attract new love, friendship, and tranquility. It is a calming stone that represents serenity and purity, allowing people to stabilize their emotions and embrace inner peace. Jade helps heal feelings of guilt and defeat, and instead encourages emotional release so that people can embrace their true selves. Jade releases negative thoughts to soothe the mind and helps stimulate new ideas. It’s said that jade blesses everything it touches, which is why it is common to be placed around the home or worn as a necklace as a way of protection and inviting blessings.

Other uses:

  • Contains and amplifies chi (life force energy)
  • Helps prevent illness during travel and protects solo travelers
  • Encourages avoiding extreme desires to adapt to a group, especially if it means sacrificing your individuality

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