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Lodolite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Healing, meditation, spiritual communication, strength, manifestation

Lodolite is a type of inclusion quartz that contains inclusions of other minerals inside clear quartz, which sometimes appear as landscapes or underwater scenes. This crystal goes by other names, such as Garden Quartz, and may also be spelled as Lodalite or Lodelite. Ultimately, lodolite is a healing crystal that inspires deep emotional recovery from painful events or personal challenges. It is a loving crystal that gently gives people the inner strength to be braver, takes more risks, and attempt to manifest their dreams into reality. It can be a valuable meditation aid as it enhances one’s communication with the spiritual realm, which can bring guidance or other spiritual energies. Lodolite is also used for chakra balance and realignment.

Other uses:

  • Activates the Crown chakra
  • Enhances communication with beings in the spiritual realm
  • Helps release past life traumas or negative memories from early childhood

you will receive 1 stone

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