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Love Magnet Candle

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Bougie aimant d'amour| Vela Iman De Amor Spiritual Prayer Candle 7-Day Candle Love Candle

GREAT FOR: Love, attraction, passion, intimacy

The Love Magnet candle is designed for people who have been struggling with finding the right mate. use the Love Magnet candle to enhance their sensuality and present themselves as more desirable to people, thus increasing their chances of attracting someone more suitable for them. Use the Love Magnet candle before going on first dates, when going out to a dance club, or even when you might be expecting to see your crush at a public place. This mystical candle helps boost your confidence and show off what you’ve got to give. When you send out that kind of positive energy, you’re bound to catch the right person’s eye!

Best to used in sets of 3

PAIR IT WITH: This candle can have its properties enhanced by the Love Magnet oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick. 

Standard Candle: Intention candle you can dress on your own. (Only includes the candle)

Dressed / Prepared Candle: Intention candles we dress for you, with our special herbs, oils, powders, crystal and more. (One Candle)

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