Mahogany Tumbled Stone
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Mahogany Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Grounding, strength, protection, repel negative energy, focus, self-acceptance, self-confidence, willpower

Mahogany Obsidian can be found in volcanic soil or wherever volcanic activities occurred, and exists as a natural glass obsidian that infused with magnetite or hematite. This is a highly protective stone that also encourages owners to gain the personal willpower to overcome their fears or challenges. It promotes a higher sense of confidence while also allowing people to accept themselves and gain strength during times of need. Mahogany obsidian is a grounding stone that eliminates energy blockages from the aura and chakras and which also relieves tension or other stress triggers. It helps people prioritize their goals and remain focused on their spiritual development. In doing so, mahogany obsidian activates Root and Sacral chakras so that people can release negative patterns from their behavior.  

Other uses:

  • Cuts energetic cords from people who drain your energy
  • Protects you from psychic attacks
  • Strengthens the aura and protects against repeated problems

You will recieve 1 stone

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