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Marjoram Herb
Marjoram Herb
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Marjoram Herb

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Marjoram (Mejorana)

Element :Air
Planetary : Mercury

Gender: Masculine

Used For: Dispelling Negativity, Dream Worker, Cleansing, Love, Strengthen Love, Draw Money, Purification 

Ancient Greeks believed that Venus (Aphrodite), the goddess of love, created the plants and gave Marjoram its sweet flavor and scent. It is believed that placing some Marjoram under your pillow can bring revealing dreams. Use it in love spells to help strengthen love. Placed in the corners of your home will bring protection. Marjoram is an herb for harmony, for strengthening the bonds of love, not with passion, but with peace.  It has been used in spells for divining one’s future mate, for bringing harmony and compassion within marriage, and for ensuring peace within families.

As an herb sacred to Aphrodite and Osiris, it has been used in both wedding and funeral rites, crowning couples at the altar and growing on graves to ensure the deceased will have a happy and peaceful afterlife

Weight: .5 oz 

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