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Vela Mistica Metresili
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Metresili ( Ezili Freda) Candle

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GREAT FOR: Love, prosperity, romance, cleansing

Metresili, also known as Ezili Freda in the 21 Division, is regarded as the lua of love, prosperity, and romance. Her image is represented by Our Lady of Sorrows because she is saddened by humanity’s way of living and the evil that spreads throughout our world. When you pray to her and use this mystical candle, it’s advised that you are as clean as possible (e.g. recently showered, have not had alcohol/cigarettes, have not had sex in the past 24 hours), so that you can present your desires with pure heart and spirit. Metresili offers opportunities for new love, spiritual cleansing, and overall abundance in your life so you can live happily.

PAIR IT WITH: This candle can have its properties enhanced by the Metresili oil. Pour a small amount of oil at the top of the candle before igniting the wick. 

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