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Moonstone Chip Necklace

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GREAT FOR: Emotional balance, fertility, intuition, protection, love, feminine energy

Moonstone is believed to hold the mysteries of the moon, which harnesses Divine Feminine Energy. As such, moonstone is regarded as a powerful fertility stone, used to help regulate women’s cycles, stabilize hormone levels in all genders, and encourage pregnancy and healthy childbirth. It is used to restore emotional balance, relieve stress, and invite calm and peaceful energies. Like how the moon phases renew every 28 days, moonstone also encourages “new beginnings” and inner growth in people, so that they may discover new truths within them and shed light on their strength. People use moonstone to get more in touch with themselves, whether to enhance their intuition or soothe emotional instability. Moonstone’s feminine energy flows through people, helping them be more receptive to love, good fortune, and blessings. 

Other uses:

  • Protective talisman for travelers, especially at night or on water
  • Used to prevent insomnia and sleepwalking
  • Common gift for weddings in India to ensure harmony in marriage and is the 3rd anniversary gemstone in the USA


Measures approximately 36" long

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