Nuumite Tumbled Stone
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Nuumite Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Energy flow, protection from negativity, intuition and clairvoyance, grounding, subconscious

Nuumite is considered to be the oldest mineral on earth since it formed over 3 billion years ago in volcanic ground. It’s been nicknamed the “Sorceror’s Stone” and the “Magician Stone” because of its ability to shed light on one’s subconscious and become more in tune with their intuition, thus awakening clairvoyant abilities. It’s a stone of personal magic and good luck, but it’s also grounding and protective at its core. Nuumite is great for protecting your auric shield from negative energy as it draws these energies out of you, including any mental imprints or implants in your subconscious that needs to be address (though, this may be challenging for some, depending on how painful these memories are). In other ways, nuumite can inspire a continuous flow of energy and prevent you from becoming exhausted throughout the day. 

Other uses:

  • Good for the workplace and encourages coworkers to value your skills
  • Connects Root and Crown chakras to have continuous circular flow of energy
  • Masculine stone that supports fathers, single dads, and resolving problems with fathers/grandfathers
  • you will receive 1 stone

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