Palo Santo Spray
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Palo Santo Spray

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Palo santo is a sacred wood used for its energetically uplifting and healing properties, much like sage and cedar. Use the Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray to keep your energies grounded, keep negative influences away, and to boost your higher connection or creativity. People who like to use palo santo as a spiritual cleanser or grounding aide may also use the Palo Santo Essential Oil Spray at their convenience, such as right before meditating or when entering a new space. This spray is a great alternative for people who are highly sensitive to smoke from smudging and can be used on people, objects, homes, and businesses.


Spray on objects, yourself, or around the house. Allow objects to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. If sprayed on the skin, allow drying until fully absorbed.


  • 4 fl oz

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