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Rainbow Amethyst Tumbled Stone
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Rainbow Amethyst Tumbled Stone

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GREAT FOR: Energy lifting, chakra balance, peace and tranquility, spiritual communication, positivity, hope, meditation, astral travel

Rainbow Aura Amethyst is created by fusing titanium, platinum or silver crystals onto amethyst via heat. Also known as Titanium Aura or Flame Aura Quartz, rainbow aura amethyst has been respected as a spiritual communicator, known for its abilities to help people transcend into the spiritual via astral travel and deep meditation. It helps people see auras, recall past life events, and charge their chakras to a healthy energetic balance. This crystal brings and restores peace and tranquility in life while also providing people angelic protection. Emotionally, rainbow aura amethyst helps calm erratic emotions and help people recenter to a state of mental clarity so that they can work through their own personal conflicts with a sound mind. In other ways, rainbow aura amethyst helps reduce stress and hopelessness so that people can move forward in life with more optimism and motivation. This crystal also helps get rid of creative blocks so that you can express yourself freely. 

Other uses:

  • Activates and raises Kundalini energy
  • Great meditation tool to help you connect with Higher Self or angelic realm
  • Helps you find true life path and go forward with hope and enthusiasm

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